Couponing 101 - Saving Money Clipping Coupons

by Calista Meade

It is easy to spend a little bit of time each week to locate coupons and plan your grocery shopping, and when you do this you will find that you are saving money clipping coupons! Grocery shopping with coupons is not difficult, but it does take a little bit of time to keep your coupons organized.

Coupons can be located in several places, the main coupons are found in the newspaper, mailers, and online. You can also get several copies of each coupon by talking with family and friends, many people are willing to give you their newspaper insert coupons because they do not use them.

The easiest way to get grocery coupons is by printing them on your computer. There are thousands of coupons available online, you simply need to locate them so that you can print the coupons and take them to the grocery store with you. There are 3 places that you can look online to find printable grocery coupons:

1. Visit the website for the product that you would like to purchase. Many companies offer discount coupons on their websites.

2. Do an internet search for the name of the product along with the word "coupons." This type of internet search will usually pull up any available printable coupons.

3. Locate a coupon website that has a collection of different coupons, and visit regularly so that you can find the new offers as they are added. There are many couponing websites out there, so you should have an easy time finding these great offers!

Once you have collected your coupons and organized them, you can save money with your clipped coupons! You need to make sure that you take them with you to the grocery store, and then match the coupons with the items that you are purchasing. When you present the coupons to the cashier at the register, they will be scanned in and bring your shopping total down. The stores treat coupons just like cash!

The most effective way to save money with clipped coupons is to combine the coupons with sale prices at the store. Hold on to your coupon until that product goes on sale at the store-- and then you can get the coupon discount on top of the sale price! You can't find a better deal than that!

As you begin saving money clipping coupons, you will find that the savings will quickly add up. It may not seem like much in the beginning, but you will see that you save quite a bit of money each month!