How to Save Money With Online Coupons

by Chris Robertson

Coupons have been around about as long as commerce itself. But with so much online shopping going on in recent years, we tend to forget that coupons can be just as helpful on the Internet as well. As a savvy shopper online, you might be wondering if there are ways to save money while buying all your favorite items. The good news is coupons are available for many major online stores and products, and can be just as valuable as they are off-line!

Coupon Codes

Before looking for coupons, you should understand that online shopping with coupons is a bit different than using a printed coupon in a local department or grocery store. Coupons online are often given in the form of codes. Online coupon codes are codes (usually blending letters and numbers) that you must actually type or paste into a form to get a discount.

Perhaps you've been shopping at a particular website and noticed the words "promotional code" just as you were getting ready to hit the purchase button. Beside these words was a little text box where you could type the code. When you see this, it simply means you can enjoy certain savings on your purchase by using a coupon code.

Just as with brick-and-mortar stores, online stores post coupons with a promotional code at various places on the Web to try and stir up business. The coupons are designed to lure people to the store's website in hopes they'll buy something to receive their discount. It's a great way to advertise, and a great way for you to save on purchases.

Where to Find Online Coupon Codes

Coupon codes seem to be everywhere. They might be seen within banner advertisements on many major websites. They might be spotted on an e-mail receipt you receive from another company. Coupon codes might even turn up when you download a product or e-book. Once you realize what they are, you can keep your eyes peeled for deals!

One sure-fire way to always have a steady stream of coupon codes is to check with online sites that specialize in finding, categorizing, and offering Internet coupons. Look for websites that advertise "free coupons" or "free online coupons." These sites provide the coupons free of charge and earn their money in other ways such as promotions, affiliate links, selling ad space to retailers, etc.

When visiting a free coupon website, be sure to follow the directions carefully to ensure you'll receive your discount. Some of the featured stores will offer coupon codes to copy and paste when ordering at their website. Others may require you to click a certain link to visit that store and receive your discount. Either way, you'll still enjoy the savings at many great online stores including Avon, PetMeds, 3BallsGolf, Baby Universe, Bealls Department Store, Dick's Sporting Goods, Hockey Giant, Expedia, Macy's, Planet Shoes, and many other popular stores.

Using a free coupon site will make it easier to find rewarding coupon codes and to get shopping ideas. Be sure to visit a coupon site before you start your holiday shopping. You'll get great holiday gift ideas for family and friends while saving dollars on every purchase!